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Angels FLYFF

Handy stuff
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Flyff Cheat Codes

Bold and Underlined Typing
In the chat box simply put #b or #u before they writing you would like to have bold or underlined

#b Hello!
#u Hi!

or you can make it so half of your writing is bolded or underlined

Hello #u Mr.#b Happy Dude!

Play in Windowed Mode
Open your GalaNet\FlyFF folder. Open neuz.ini in notepad.

Add the line: "sunkist 1" (without quotes) and you can press alt+enter in game to play in a window.

Hidden emoticons
If you type in "!" with a number (0-8), you get 9 extra emoticons!! (!9 doesn't do anything)

Just type the following in the chat window:

Cheat Effect
!1 A light bulb
!2 Three tears above your head
!3 The word "help"
!4 The face of an Agro monster
!5 The "!"
!6 The dizzy symbol
!7 Not sure what this is...
!8 A pink heart
!0 The Angry thing for Anime

Flyff Easter Eggs

Dynamic Hair Color
In the town of Flaris, buy a white hair color from Iske (all color bars to the far right).

Your hair color in the status window will now change dynamically with the weather. (If it's sunset, your hair will be blue, etc)

Flyff Secrets

Typing in Color
To type in color insert #c #xxxxxx (text), where the xxxxxx represents an HTML Color Code (ie FF0000). This can be used in normal messages, shouts, and User Shop titles.

Example: /s #c #0000FF BUYING SLAINS!

Result: A shout is made in blue text saying BUYING SLAINS! (note there are two blank spaces between the #c and the HTML color code)